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The Mischief-Maker

For many years the lion and the jackal had been devoted frieds. Each had their own private hunting ground in the bush and when they made a kill; one would call loudly for the other to join him. They would eat and chat happily together and discuss the news from the bush.

But Sunguru, The hare, was extremely jealouse of this friendship because they had not invited him to join them. So he planned to make mischief between them. "I´ll put one against the other," he decided and it was not long before he thougt of a plan.

The next time he saw the two friends set out for their hunting ground, Sunguru hid between the two areas and waited. Before long he heard the lion call, "Friend, friend, come quickly! I have found some honey."

Imitating the jackal´s voice, the hare called back, "Eat by yourselfe. I am tried of being friends with you."

The lion was most upset when he heard what he thougt was his friend. He did not understand why the jackal was being so rude. However, he went sadly on his way and said nothing. So all that day and several days after, the jackal listened in vain for his friend´s voice.

Sunguru stayed in hiding between the two hunting areas and eventually the jackal made a kill. He called, "Lion, lion, come quickly and eat with me, I have killed a warthog."

"Then eat alone. I do not want to be friends with you," the hare called back in a voice as much like te growl of the lion that the hare´s small throat could manage. The Jackal could hardly believe his ears.

Life now was very lonely for the two animals. Each one wandered about on its own until one day the lion could bear it no longer. "There must have been a mistake!" thought the lion. So when he made his next kill he called his friend the jackal to come and share the meat. Sunguru was still making mischief and replied "Eat alone, I tell you I do not want your friendship," in his best jackal voice. This time the lion was very angry and he vowed to kill the jackal the next time he saw him for treating his old friend like this. The jackal was equally annoyed when he too found his attempt to make up was answered with another insult.

The two friends drifted apart until one day they met by accident. The lion bared his teeth and prepared to attack the jackal who promptly backed down a hole. From the safety of the hole the jackal told the lion what he thought of the lion´s rude behaviour. As they listened to each others´ stories it became apparent the someone had planned this mischief between them.

They decided to go to their hunting areas and the lion would call the jackal to the kill. The jackal would be waiting to catch whoever answered. It did not take long before they heard answering rudely as before, but the hare found himself caught as the jackal crept up behind him. The lion joined the jackal and they told Sunguru angrily that they were going to kill him there and then for teachery (which they did). After that they made a vow to hunt his children and his children´s children for evermore.

To this day the jackal hunts the hare and the lion continues to call the jackal to his kills